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Alabama - Song Of The South

Alabama's official music video for 'Song Of The South'. Click to listen to Alabama on Spotify: As featured on Greatest ...


  • Who's Afraid of the Song of the South?

    2017. ISBN: 0984341552,9780984341559. 276 pages.

    Brer Rabbit. Uncle Remus. "Song of the South." Racist? Disney thinks so. And that's why it has forbidden the theatrical re-release of its classic film "Song of the South" since 1986. But is the film racist? Are its themes, its characters, even its music so abominable that Disney has done us a favor by burying the movie in its infamous Vault, where the Company claims it will remain for all time? Disney historian Jim Korkis does "not" think so. In his newest book, "Who's Afraid of the Song of...

  • Song of the South : based on Walt Disney Company's full-length feature film

    1986. ISBN: 0816708886,9780816708888. 63 pages.
  • Disney's Most Notorious Film

    University of Texas Press. 2012. ISBN: 9780292749818,0292749813. 294 pages.

    The Walt Disney Company offers a vast universe of movies, television shows, theme parks, and merchandise, all carefully crafted to present an image of wholesome family entertainment. Yet Disney also produced one of the most infamous Hollywood films, Song of the South. Using cartoon characters and live actors to retell the stories of Joel Chandler Harris, SotS portrays a kindly black Uncle Remus who tells tales of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and the "Tar Baby" to adoring white children. Audiences...

  • The Songs of the South

    Penguin UK. 2011. ISBN: 9780141971261,0141971266. 352 pages.

    The Songs of the South is an anthology first compiled in the second century A.D. Its poems, originating from the state of Chu and rooted in Shamanism, are grouped under seventeen titles and contain all that we know of Chinese poetry's ancient beginnings. The earliest poems were composed in the fourth century B.C. and almost half of them are traditionally ascribed to Qu Yuan.

  • Song of the South (videorecording).

Song of the South
Song of the South
The Song of The South dvd
The Song of The South dvd

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