Ultimate Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Toy Haul

This is a MASSIVE toy haul from the new Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens line of toys from Disneyland California. Tweet this video by following this link ...


  • Star Wars Vintage Action Figures

    2005. ISBN: 1903111307,9781903111307. 268 pages.
  • Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

    Chronicle Books. 2012. ISBN: 1452111308,9781452111308. 352 pages.

    Here at last is the complete and definitive collection of the more than 2,500 Star Wars® action figures produced over the last 35 years. Fans and collectors can finally trace the evolution of each character in toy form from the time of their first appearance through the designs of today, with pages of amazing and inventive variations crafted to tell the stories of Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, and literally hundreds more. Compiled by Stephen J. Sansweet, owner of the world's largest private...

  • Star Wars

    Chronicle Books (CA). 1999. ISBN: 0811822796,9780811822794. 184 pages.

    A comprehensive book for the legions who collect miniature figures of Princess Leia, Han Solo, Yoda, and all of the other "Star Wars" figures. 2000+ color photos.

  • Star Wars Toys

    Schiffer Pub Limited. 2018. ISBN: 076434160X,9780764341601. 448 pages.

    Assembled for the first time are all the Star Wars toys from that galaxy far, far away. This edition focuses solely on the toys, with the thorough text and exhaustive listings dedicated to the documentation and appraisal of generations of favorites from around the globe. Over 8,600 color photos, many not seen in any other publication, help to decipher finds from the common to the rare and exotic at local shops, online, and abroad. Covered here are toys ranging from action figures and their...

  • From Star Wars to Superman

    Sophia Institute Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781622823888,1622823885.

    When cultures such as ours toss Jesus out one door, He comes in – albeit disguised – through another. That’s why author Jim Papandrea turned to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Terminator, Spider-Man, Batman, Dr. Who, and half-a-dozen other modern shows, discovering in each one powerful images of Christ and salvation. Nor is that surprising. In stories of alternative universes, people always need rescuing; somebody needs to save the day; and sometimes the whole world cries out for a savior ....

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