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Ways to Wear it: Sun Hats

Episode 38: It's been getting seriously sunny and steamy over here in LA, so we've been religiously wearing our sunhats. In this episode, we'll show you how we ...


  • Children's Sun Hats

    Search PressLtd. 2013. ISBN: 1844488365,9781844488360. 64 pages.

    Offers twenty projects with step-by-step instructions for children's hats, including sun visors, caps, and sun hats.

  • Where Are the Sunhats?

    Rigby. 1995. ISBN: 043504916X,9780435049164. 16 pages.
  • Crochet Sun Hats

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2018. ISBN: 1717047548,9781717047540. 40 pages.

    Crochet Sun Hats: 15 Stylish Patterns For This Summer This eBook contains 10 amazing crochet hat patterns for the summer that are designed to protect you and the kids as well as look stylish at the same time. There are patterns for; newborns, toddlers, teenagers and adults so you will find a wide range of options for everyone. With the patterns ranging from beginner to expert there is also a project for everyone and you will be able to use this book to assist you as you progress. As a bonus...

  • PM Teachers Guide Red

    Nelson Thornes. 2000. ISBN: 9780174027850,0174027850. 96 pages.

    The PM Teacher's Guides offer invaluable support and guidance to help you gain the maximum benefit from each of the Story Books, Non-fiction Books and Traditional Tales and Plays.

  • Delilah of Sunhats and Swans

    2016. ISBN: 0692740104,9780692740101. 270 pages.

    Leaving behind a dark, uncertain past, a mystifying eighteen-year-old girl steps off a bus in a small, New England and becomes a catalyst in the lives of others. Virginia Emmet, an older woman who gives Delilah room and board, Harold Reinman, a young man left with the mind of a child after years of abuse, but most strongly, Amos Harrison -- the first to accept her into their lives, finds that something about her quiet, uncanny wisdom and simple honesty pushes him to face truths he'd rather...

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