Nokia N1 Tablet Review!

Nokia brings us a beautiful, compact, USB C packing tablet. Sure, it's like an iPad mini with Android, but who cares? With its 4:3 ratio high resolution display and ...


  • Search the Scripture Tablet of Handouts

    1998. ISBN: 1574940392,9781574940398. 191 pages.
  • Practical Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review of Reviews

  • Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East (Words Without Borders)

    W. W. Norton & Company. 2018. ISBN: 9780393065855,0393065855. 657 pages.

    Presents a collection of short stories, memoirs, essays, and poems by both contemporary and historical Middle Eastern authors from such countries as Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan.

  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Tablet PCs

    Que Publishing. 2018. ISBN: 0789730499,9780789730497. 390 pages.

    Discusses tasks that can be performed with the Tablet PC, peripherals that can be used to control it, and how it can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office applications.

  • Android Tablets For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2016. ISBN: 9781119310747,1119310741. 352 pages.

    A quick and easy reference to get the most out of your Android tablet It's not a computer and it's not a smartphone—so what in the world is it? Whether you're new to Android or new to tablets altogether, you're about to experience mobile computing like never before with this fun, full-color guide! In Android Tablets For Dummies, you'll find clear, easy-to-follow explanations for making sense of all the features native to Android tablets, as well as model-specific guidance. Inside, trusted...

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