Stash Tea Collapsible Mesh Tea Infuser

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Relax with the Mr. Tea Infuser

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  • The Book Lover's Cup of Tea

    Running Press. 2017. ISBN: 0762461616,9780762461615. 32 pages.

    The perfect gift for any bookworm in your life, The Book Lover's Cup of Tea includes an innovative book-shaped tea infuser (titled A Tale of Two Ci-Teas) that offers two ways to brew: Dunk the entire book into your cup, or let the cover rest on the rim of your tea cup and hang the tea-filled pages into your hot water to steep. The kit also includes a 32-page book with tips for making the perfect cup of tea; suggestions for tea and book pairings (fancy a cup of Dorian Earl Gray?); and...

  • The 'Unicus' Tea Infuser

    2018. 4 pages.
  • Steinlen Cats

    Courier Corporation. 2013. ISBN: 9780486140186,0486140180. 48 pages.

    These 66 drawings and eight picture-stories represent the best of Steinlen's scattered, rare cat depictions, available nowhere else. Artists will learn cat dynamics from the spare, expressive lines.

  • Tea and Etiquette

    Capital Books. 2002. ISBN: 193186800X,9781931868006. 160 pages.

    Revised edition of the best-seller, with a new chapter and new recipes on Tea Parties for Children - the authoritative guide to the etiquette of taking tea for business or pleasure.

  • Teas of the world

    1980. 184 pages.

    Recipes, health tips, and information on different types of teas accompany discussion on the history, folklore, cultivation, and social, cultural, and geographic significance of tea since 2737 B.C

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