Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet Review

More info: http://www.tesco.com/direct/hudl/ Did you know @lootcrate now ships to the UK!? You can get 10% off if you go to http://www.lootcrate.com/davechaos ...

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  • Parent reported to police over child left in car - 10 hours later

    04/27/17 ,via Gloucestershire Live

    "To the person 'looking after' a child approximately 3-4 years old, who left them alone in a locked car (no open windows) for more than 20mins playing on a tablet this morning at Tesco, Stroud, Stratford road (09:15-09:35)," was posted anonymously on

  • Thieves steal laptops, tablets and watches from Kettering house

    A haul of property was stolen by burglars who broke into a home in Kettering. The burglary happened some time between 7am and 4.30pm yesterday (Monday, April 10) in Cross Street. The burglars are believed to have escaped with an Acer laptop, a Tesco 

  • Tesco boss runs into wholesale problems

    03/31/17 ,via Financial Times

    The argument began even as Mr Lewis halted some of Tesco's previous strategic excursions, such as the Hudl tablet computer and its moves into the coffee shop and restaurant markets, begun during his predecessor's disastrous three-year stint. Critics

  • 5 key points from Tesco's annual results | BusinessPost.ie

    04/12/17 ,via Sunday Business Post

    Sales fell in Irish stores while firm faces Booker deal challenge.

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Brexit spat, Tesco, alcohol prices, Lloyds

    04/04/17 ,via DIGITALLOOK

    Lloyds Banking Group is to shrink the size of hundreds of its branches so they have only two staff with tablet computers helping customers. The new “micro branches” will not have counters, with customers paying in cash and cheques through self-service 

Kobo U.S Hudl For Dummies
Computer Hardware

The essential beginner's guide to the UK's most popular new tablet Hudl For Dummies is the indispensible guide to Tesco's highly successful Android tablet. With hands-on instruction tailored to the entry-level user, this book provides expert guidance in clear, concise language to help you get the...



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  • Hudl in easy steps

    In Easy Steps. 2014. 192 pages.

    Hudl from Tesco is one of the latest entrants to the world of tablet computers, and Hudl in easy steps covers the A to Z of setting up and using this popular 7-inch Android tablet, including: Watching TV and moviesReading ebooksPlaying gamesBuying and listening to musicSurfing the WebStaying in touch using social networking, email, messaging, video callsTaking photos and videoUsing widgets and Google Now to be on the ballFinding, downloading and using all the key appsSetting up parental...

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