Travel Tips: Etsy finds for Travel Documents

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday. http://bit.ly/SoniasTravelsYT Sonia Gil shares her tips on where to get the coolest wallets and pouches to ...


  • Identity and Travel Documents and the Fight Against Terrorism

    Council of Europe. 2005. ISBN: 9789287158185,9287158185. 27 pages.

    Although the vast majority of persons applying for and using identity and travel documents do so for lawful purposes, they are also used by terrorists, for whom they constitute an important tool. Genuine identity documents in particular, obtained through lawful procedures, are vital to terrorists' operational success. Recommendation Rec(2005)7 of the Committee of Ministers to member states concerning identity and travel documents and the fight against terrorism therefore aims to ensure the...

  • The Rights of Refugees under International Law

    Cambridge University Press. 2005. ISBN: 1139445766,9781139445764.

    This book presents the first comprehensive analysis of the human rights of refugees as set by the UN Refugee Convention. In an era where States are increasingly challenging the logic of simply assimilating refugees to their own citizens, questions are now being raised about whether refugees should be allowed to enjoy freedom of movement, to work, to access public welfare programs, or to be reunited with family members. Doubts have been expressed about the propriety of exempting refugees from...

  • The Passports Act, 1967

    Universal Law Publishing.
  • Be Your Own Layer - Book for Layman

    Vij Books India Pvt Ltd. 2018. ISBN: 9789382652076,9382652078. 334 pages.
  • Unprotected

    IDRC. 2018. ISBN: 9780887283130,0887283136. 253 pages.
Happy Jackson | Travel Document Holder
Happy Jackson | Travel Document Holder
Fedon 1919 Spicy TRAVELDOC-SMALL Travel Document Holder is handmade in ...
Fedon 1919 Spicy TRAVELDOC-SMALL Travel Document Holder is handmade in ...

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