Propel Paddle Gear by Shorline Marine Hook Trunk Tie Down Loops

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Propel Paddle Gear by Shorline Marine Hook Trunk Tie Down Loops: Heavy-duty tight weave nylon webbingSecures with hood or trunk pressureFast, easy placement and removal


802.1Q and Trunking 101

In this video, Keith Barker explains a Cisco Ethernet trunk, and where 802.1q fits in.


  • Practical Requirements and Exercises

    Cengage Learning EMEA. 2002. ISBN: 1861529325,9781861529329. 117 pages.

    This study book summarises the underpinning knowledge for Part 1 Practice for the City & Guilds 2360 or related qualifications. Each exercise is preceded by some theory, which can be studied before doing the practical work. The Exercises have a checklist entitled 'points to consider' which will make the students aware of what is expected.

  • A Tutorial on Queuing and Trunking with Applications to Communications

    Morgan & Claypool Publishers. 2018. ISBN: 9781598292688,1598292684. 92 pages.

    The motivation for developing this synthesis lecture was to provide a tutorial on queuing and trunking, with extensions to networks of queues, suitable for supplementing courses in communications, stochastic processes, and networking. An essential component of this lecture are the MATLAB-based demonstrations and exercises, which can be easily modified to enable the student to observe and evaluate the impact of changing parameters, arrival and departure statistics, queuing disciplines, the...

  • SIP Trunking

    Pearson Education. 2010. ISBN: 1587059479,9781587059476. 360 pages.

    The first complete guide to planning, evaluating, and implementing high-value SIP trunking solutions Most large enterprises have switched to IP telephony, and service provider backbone networks have largely converted to VoIP transport. But there’s a key missing link: most businesses still connect to their service providers via old-fashioned, inflexible TDM trunks. Now, three Cisco® experts show how to use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking to eliminate legacy interconnects and gain...

  • Trunking

    ICON Group International. ISBN: 1114443077,9781114443075.
  • Tandem Trunking


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