Abilitations BallsEye Velcro Catch Game

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Abilitations BallsEye Velcro Catch Game: Designed to make throwing and catching funLarge bulls-eye "target" and hook and loop material increases success rateIdeal for adapted classesDesigned by experts, perfect for home or classroom usage



  • From Thistle Burrs to... Velcro

    Cherry Lake. 2012. ISBN: 9781610805810,161080581X. 32 pages.

    Learn how thistle burrs inspired the invention of Velcro.

  • Velcro

    2016. ISBN: 0985885645,9780985885649.

    Velcro returns to her home village of Highland, only to find it completely in ruins. The one responsible, a mysterious foe in an eagle mask, is patiently awaiting her arrival in order to deliver his message in person, and Velcro is lured by this new enemy into a Magical challenge, one in which the outcome will determine the final fate of her home and her friends, and possibly even the world over. Meanwhile, in the village of Redfield, the Elder Chow is grooming Max to lead their brigade in...

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    1987. 17 pages.
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    Marshall Cavendish. 2018. ISBN: 0761477640,9780761477648. 1600 pages.

    From air conditioners to MRI scanners and from bicycles to frozen foods, modern life would be unimaginable without the work of inventors. Unlike other resources on inventions, Inventors and Inventions surprises readers with its wide-ranging exploration of inventors of the past and present, including the creators of Kevlar, Coca Cola, eBay, and the Global Positioning System.

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  • 'Megasupramolecule': Can a new fuel additive save lives?

    One of the two, for instance, is held together with the chemical equivalent of Velcro. The polymer breaks up when stressed, as the old ones did. But the Velcro-like bonds allow it to rapidly reassemble once it clears a pump or filter. Lab tests show that ...

  • With Modified Jet Fuel, Planes Can’t Explode

    10/01/15 ,via Popular Science

    The megasupramolecules act a little bit like chains with tiny bits of velcro at the end of each one. They can break apart, and then automatically link back together. Watch Kornfield's explanation of how megasupramolecules work: Video of Explaining ...

  • Loggerhead turtles in Moreton Bay wear giant nappies as researchers study diet

    10/02/15 ,via Courier Mail

    “After a few modifications, including velcro attachments for the “nappy”, we hoped we had the perfect solution,” she said. “The suits were easy to put on, comfortable for the sea turtles to wear and looked great - Owen was able to collect the ...

Reason #1: Velcro Burn. Someone hits you and their fresh Velcro ...
Reason #1: Velcro Burn. Someone hits you and their fresh Velcro ...
home cable management velcro velcro cable tie roll 3 4 inch x 5 yards
home cable management velcro velcro cable tie roll 3 4 inch x 5 yards
Dash Designs® MS529 - Brushed Suede Dash Cover Velcro™ Strips
Dash Designs® MS529 - Brushed Suede Dash Cover Velcro™ Strips
Image by www.carid.com

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