KIDS REACT TO WALKMANS (Portable Cassette Players)

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  • Doing Cultural Studies

    SAGE. 1997. ISBN: 0761954023,9780761954026. 151 pages.

    In recent years `culture' has become a central concern in a wide range of fields and disciplines. This book introduces the main substantive and theoretical strands of this `turn to culture' through the medium of a particular case study: that of the Sony Walkman. Using the example of the Walkman, the book indicates how and why cultural practices and institutions have come to play such a crucial part in our lives, and introduces some of the central ideas, concepts and methods of analysis...

  • Walkman Effect

    Book on Demand Limited. 2012. ISBN: 5511844950,9785511844954. 94 pages.

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Walkman Effect refers to the way music listened to via headphones allows the user to gain more control over their environment. It was coined by International Research Center for Japanese Studies Professor Shuhei Hosokawa in an article of the same name published in Popular Music in 1984. While the term was named after the dominant portable music technology of the time, the Sony Walkman, it applies to all such devices and has been cited numerous...

  • A Way to Spend the Afternoon

    2018. ISBN: 9830533166,9789830533162. 27 pages.
  • Consumerism

    SAGE. 1998. ISBN: 0761952152,9780761952152. 174 pages.

    This book provides an introduction to the historical and theoretical foundations of consumerism. It then moves on to examine the experience of consumption in the areas of space and place, technology, fashion, `popular' music and sport. Throughout, the author brings a critical perspective to bear upon the subject, thus providing a reliable and stimulating guide to a complex and many-sided field.

  • New Scientist

    1981. 64 pages.

    New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Noel Alivio Photography: The Walkman is Dead! Long Live the Walkman!
Noel Alivio Photography: The Walkman is Dead! Long Live the Walkman!
Walkman vs. iPod- View From A Teen | Not All Bits
Walkman vs. iPod- View From A Teen | Not All Bits
Great Moments in Walkman History 1927-2010
Great Moments in Walkman History 1927-2010

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