Wallander: Season 3 (2012)

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Kenneth Branagh returns as Inspector Kurt Wallander in three new feature length episodes of the acclaimed detective drama based on Henning Mankell's best-selling novels.


Wallander Die weiße Löwin 1996- ganzer Film auf Deutsch

Kapstadt, 1993: Der einflussreiche, ultra rechte Weiße John Dekker plant mit Verbündeten einen spektakulären Anschlag, welcher die alte politische Ordnung ...


  • Firewall

    New Press, The. 2002. ISBN: 9781595586131,159558613X. 416 pages.

    Ystad, Sweden, fall 1997. Two teenage girls brutally murder a taxi driver. Although they are quickly apprehended, one of them escapes police custody and disappears without a trace. A few days later, a man stops at an ATM during his evening walk and suddenly falls dead to the ground. Shortly thereafter, a blackout cuts power to a large swath of southern Sweden. When a serviceman arrives at the malfunctioning power substation, he makes a grisly discovery. Inspector Kurt Wallander begins to...

  • Sidetracked

    Vintage Crime/Black Lizard. 2018. ISBN: 9781400031566,1400031567. 420 pages.

    A teenage girl self-immolates, the former Minister of Justice is murdered and scalped, and suddenly Inspector Kurt Wallander finds himself searching for Sweden's first serial killer.

  • The Troubled Man

    Knopf Canada. 2011. ISBN: 9780307398857,0307398854. 320 pages.

    From the author most recently of the bestselling, internationally acclaimed thriller The Man from Beijing — comes the first Kurt Wallander mystery in more than a decade: the much-anticipated return of the brilliant, brooding detective. On a winter's day in 2008, Hakån von Enke, a retired high-ranking naval officer, disappears during his daily walk in a forest near Stockholm. The investigation into his disappearance falls under the jurisdiction of the Stockholm Police, but Wallander is...

  • The Fifth Woman

    The New Press. 2000. ISBN: 9781595586124,1595586121. 432 pages.

    In an African convent, four nuns and an unidentified fifth woman are brutally murdered, and the death of the unknown woman is covered up by the local police. A year later in Sweden, Inspector Kurt Wallander is baffled and appalled by two strange murders. Holger Eriksson, a retired car dealer and bird watcher, is impaled on sharpened bamboo poles in a ditch behind his secluded home, while the body of a missing florist is discovered strangled and tied to a tree. The only clues Wallander has to...

  • One Step Behind

    The New Press. 2002. ISBN: 9781595586148,1595586148. 416 pages.

    On Midsummer’s Eve, three friends gather in a secluded meadow in Sweden. In the still-sun-lit northern night, they don costumes and begin to role play. But an uninvited guest soon brings their performance to a gruesome conclusion. His approach is careful; his aim is perfect. Three bullets, three corpses. The murderer then carefully photographs the grisly tableau. Meanwhile, the Ystad police station is experiencing a summer lull. Inspector Kurt Wallander is focusing on living healthier, but...

Wallander Pictures, Photos, Images - IGN
Wallander Pictures, Photos, Images - IGN
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The Fix Magazine | Introducing: Wallander – The Swedish Morse
The Fix Magazine | Introducing: Wallander – The Swedish Morse
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Wallander' writer joins 'Doctor Who' Series 8 - CultBox

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