TRAILER PARK JESUS ~ (HD funny romantic feature film) full movies comedy ► good English free movie

"When a college student becomes stranded at a trailer park in rural Mississippi, he bargains his way home with a sheet of L.S.D." Backyard Shed Films uploaded ...

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  • Kids also watch 'A' films, argues CBFC for cuts in 'Babumoshai Bandookbaaz'

    08/03/17 ,via The Hindu

    In its latest demand for cuts in a film, the censor board has asked the makers of Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer Babumoshai Bandookbaaz to make 48 snips. The movie's producer Kiran Shroff says the CBFC members argued that the cuts are needed as even 

  • Channing Tatum's Daughter Refused to Watch the Film Responsible for Her Very Being

    08/01/17 ,via Vanity Fair

    Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum's love story has true cinematic roots. They met on the set of their 2006 movie Step Up, have now been married for eight years, and have a daughter. Like most parents, the Tatums want to share the story of 

  • Bellevue's new 21+ movie theatre changes the way you watch movies

    08/01/17 ,via

    SEATTLE - You can choose your own seat, butter your own popcorn, then watch a film on a curved screen with wraparound sound, all while enjoying seat-side service from a full kitchen at the brand-new Cinemark Reserve Lincoln Square. The state-of-the art 

  • A New York library card is your ticket to stream thousands of movies

    08/03/17 ,via Engadget

    Kanopy has iOS, Android and Roku apps and supports Airplay if you want to watch movies on Apple TV. This move into New York follows Kanopy's launch in Los Angeles and Grand Rapids earlier this year. In addition, Kanopy works with libraries in a total

  • Best Bets: Do the art hop, watch mini-movies

    08/03/17 ,via

    FRIDAY. Art openings. Get ready for the First Friday Gallery Hop when “The LeMoyne Members Juried Exhibition” opens with a reception at 6 p.m. Friday at The LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts, 125 N. Gadsden St. It features works of art by some of 


  • Talking Pictures

    Basic Books. 2017. ISBN: 9780465094240,0465094244. 320 pages.

    "An illuminating new book for anyone who wants more from the movies than popcorn and thrills."--Washington Post Whether we are trying to impress a date after an art house film screening or discussing Oscar nominations among friends, we all need ways to look at and talk about movies. But with so much variety between an Alfred Hitchcock thriller and a Nora Ephron romantic comedy, how can everyday viewers determine what makes a good movie? In Talking Pictures, veteran film critic Ann Hornaday...

  • How to Watch a Movie

    Vintage. 2017. ISBN: 9781101910849,1101910844. 256 pages.

    A critic shares professional insights into how to derive more from a film experience, analyzing a range of iconic films to reveal metaphorical artistry techniques in the acting, filming, dialogue, and music.

  • Infectious Greed

    Times Books. 2014. ISBN: 9781466872707,1466872705. 480 pages.

    From the bestselling author of F.I.A.S.C.O., a riveting chronicle of the rise of dangerous financial instruments and the growing crisis in American business One by one, major corporations such as Enron, Global Crossing, and Worldcom imploded all around us, prey to a greed-driven culture and dubious or illegal corporate finance and accounting. In a compelling and disturbing narrative, Frank Partnoy's Infectious Greed brings to bear all of his skills and experience as a securities attorney,...

  • Hollywood Worldviews

    InterVarsity Press. 2011. ISBN: 0830869530,9780830869534. 261 pages.

    Do you watch movies with your eyes open? You buy your tickets and concessions, and you walk into the theater. Celluloid images flash at twenty-four frames per second, and the hypnotic sequence of moving pictures coaxes you to suspend disbelief and be entertained by the implausible. Unfortunately, many often suspend their beliefs as well, succumbing to subtle lessons in how to behave, think and even perceive reality. Do you find yourself hoping that a sister will succeed in seducing her...

  • Movie Nights with the Reagans

    Simon and Schuster. 2018. ISBN: 9781501133992,1501133993. 288 pages.

    Former special advisor and press secretary to President Ronald Reagan shares an intimate, behind-the-scenes look inside the Reagan presidency—told through the movies they watched together every week at Camp David. What did President Ronald Reagan think of Rocky IV? How did the Matthew Broderick film WarGames inform America’s missile defense system? What Michael J. Fox movie made such an impression on President Reagan that he felt compelled to mention it in a speech to the Joint Session of...

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