TRAILER PARK JESUS ~ (HD funny romantic feature film) full movies comedy ► good English free movie

"When a college student becomes stranded at a trailer park in rural Mississippi, he bargains his way home with a sheet of L.S.D." Backyard Shed Films uploaded ...

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    . Smartphone delivers on all the features that matter, but should you hand over your hard-earned cash? By Margi Murphy. 19th April 2017, 11:01 

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  • Megan Leonard's cool job watching movies

    04/19/17 ,via Seattle Times

    I work as a programmer for the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Not the computer kind, but the film kind, which means I watch an endless number of films and decide which of those should play at our festival. I'm also a programmer for Indie USA, LLC 4 Film Favorites: Twisted Terror Collection - Deadly Friend / Eyes Of A Stranger / The Hand / Someone's Watching Me

Deadly Friend": Lonely teenage genius Paul (Matthew Laborteaux), a specialist in brain research, has two best friends: his remarkable robot BB and the beautiful girl next door (Kristy Swanson). When tragedy strikes both his friends, he desperately tries to save them both by pushing technology...

$11.39 USA, LLC Horror: Do Not Watch Alone (15 Classic Horror Films) (Full Frame)

20 Classic Horror movies, starring Hollywood's greatest actors in their most chilling and memorable roles. Do Not Dare To Watch Alone! Disc 1: "Night Of The Living Dead"; "House On Haunted Hill"; "Carnival Of Souls"; "I Bury The Living"; "The Undertaker And His Pals". Disc 2: "The Ghost";...

$5.08 USA, LLC TCM Greatest Classic Films: Astaire And Rogers - The Gay Divorcee / Shall We Dance / Swing Time / Top Hat (Full Frame)

The Gay Divorcee": 1934 Oscar(R) winner. The Continental revels in precision-dance joy, Cole Porter's Night and Day sways with timeless grace and Fred and Ginger's first top billing sets the tone for more film hits to come. "Shall We Dance": A George and Ira Gershwin score has Fred tapping to...

$15.83 USA, LLC 4 Film Favorites: Ice Cube Collection - Friday / Next Friday / Friday After Next / All About The Benjamins

Friday" - A youth tries to survive life in L.A.'s hip-hoppin' South Central 'hood. Includes two music videos from the #1 hit soundtrack. Starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. "Next Friday" - Ice Cube returns as Craig Jones, a streetwise man from South Central Los Angeles in this smash hit sequel to...

$7.50 USA, LLC Final Destination Collection: 4 Film Favorites (Widescreen)

Final Destination (2000)": A horror tale with a twist, "Final Destination" tells the story of teenager with strange premonitions about death and the mysterious accidental deaths that follow his life. Directed by "X-Files" veteran James Wong. "Final Destination 2": Packed with cutting-edge special...



  • How to Watch a Movie

    Vintage. 2017. ISBN: 9781101910849,1101910844. 256 pages.

    A critic shares professional insights into how to derive more from a film experience, analyzing a range of iconic films to reveal metaphorical artistry techniques in the acting, filming, dialogue, and music.

  • Hollywood Worldviews

    InterVarsity Press. 2011. ISBN: 0830869530,9780830869534. 261 pages.

    Do you watch movies with your eyes open? You buy your tickets and concessions, and you walk into the theater. Celluloid images flash at twenty-four frames per second, and the hypnotic sequence of moving pictures coaxes you to suspend disbelief and be entertained by the implausible. Unfortunately, many often suspend their beliefs as well, succumbing to subtle lessons in how to behave, think and even perceive reality. Do you find yourself hoping that a sister will succeed in seducing her...

  • Watching Movies

    Times Books. 2014. ISBN: 9781466872127,1466872128. 288 pages.

    An inside look at how some of the hottest figures in the film industry view their craft In this unique collection, New York Times film critic Rick Lyman sits down with notable directors, actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and other film industry professionals to watch and discuss a movie that each person considers seminal or influential on his or her career. From Steven Soderbergh on how All the President's Men influenced Erin Brockovich and Traffic, to Woody Allen's, John Travolta's,...

  • SSC Graduate Level Exam (Tier-II) Numerical Ability

    Vikas Publishing House. ISBN: 9789325982369,9325982366.

    SSC Numerical Ability is a practice book and an efficient preparation tool for SSC Tier-II examination. It has been designed in a systematic way to help the students cope with difficult questions and improve their exam score. This book will give students all the practice they need. The book will aid the students with exam practice and make them familiar with SSC examination pattern with different range of difficulty levels. It contains a variety of effective strategies, tricks and tips to...

  • Watch and Learn

    Amsterdam University Press. 2017. ISBN: 9789089643124,9089643125. 372 pages.

    Sinds de late jaren negentig is er een toenemende academische belangstelling voor zogenoemde 'gebruiksfilms'; films die bedoeld zijn om te informeren, te trainen of onderwijzen, of te overtuigen van het nut van een service of product. Onderzoek richtte zich tot nu toe in de meeste gevallen vooral op de productie- of distributiegeschiedenis van dergelijke films of hun pedagogische effect. Minder aandacht is er voor de tekstuele dimensie van deze films; de middelen die worden ingezet ter...

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