3dRose South African Buffalo in mud side view, Sports Water Bottle, 21oz

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by 3dRose 3dRose

Made of stainless steel. Capacity: 21oz2 twist on caps - 1 easy-flow drinking spout and 1 standard cap. Carabineer clip also included. Custom printed high gloss image sublimated directly to white glossy exterior surface. Fits most cup holders. Not intended for dishwasher or microwave use.


DIY Edible Water "Bottle" - The NEW Bubbled Water

Hiiii !! I wanted to make these edible water bottles to test them out myself and see how efficient they really are .. They look super cool, and the fact that they can ...


  • Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles

    Wiley-Blackwell. 1977. ISBN: 0233968601,9780233968605. 32 pages.

    Phoebe's father gives her hot water bottles on her birthday instead of the puppy she really wants, until she proves she is responsible.

  • Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle

    Tate Publishing Company. 2013. ISBN: 1625103913,9781625103918. 44 pages.

    Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle tells the story of a water bottle's journey in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and Atlantic Ocean. Upon reaching a storm drain, the personified water bottle travels the streams and rivers of Washington, D.C., meeting animals along its ride. Each animalfrom the water strider to the loggerhead turtleteaches the water bottle about itself, its origins, its journey, and those of other pollutants in the watershed. Alima is the five-year old water bottle's...

  • Pusheen Water Bottle

    2018. ISBN: 1454923725,9781454923725.
  • The Amazing Water Bottle Workout

    Basic Health Publications, Inc.. 2018. ISBN: 1591202817,9781591202813. 88 pages.

    The days of schlepping to an expensive, dirty, sweaty gym are over. The Amazing Water Bottle Workout offers the simplest, most practical approach to fitness-anywhere, anytime. A liter of water weights three pounds; a gallon weights nine pounds, making water bottles (plastic or stainless) the best possible resistance devices. All it takes is a water bottle for an efficient, affordable, and effective workout.Water bottle workouts are perfect for travelers, soccer moms, busy executives, family...

  • Hot-Water Bottle Covers

    GMC PUBLICATIONS LTD. 2014. ISBN: 9781861087058,1861087055. 156 pages.

    On a cold night, there is nothing more comforting than a hot water bottle - but a cover is essential if you don't want to burn your toes! This book is essential for anyone who has a boring naked hottie to cover up - it will provide all the inspiration they need. The designs are both practical and fun and many of the projects are an ideal way to use up odd balls of yarn. The covers also make great gifts. Every member of the family is sure to want one!

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