Magnolia World Wide Web DooHickeys Dies-Insta Love Cam

Seller: Joann Joann

Give your paper craft projects a unique look with the Magnolia World Wide Web DooHickeys Die-Insta Love Cam. This pack includes four steel die featuring an adorable design. You can use this cutting die with any die-cutting machine, which accepts wafer-thin dies. Embellish handmade cards, scrapbook pages, party invites, journals and more with the die-cuts. Accentuate the finished creations with...


Na`Vi Guardian playing Faceit + WebCam (ENG)

Na`Vi Guardian playing Faceit + WebCam (ENG) ======================================== Subscribe to Na`Vi YouTube channel if you like our ...


  • Webcam

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016. ISBN: 1533201064,9781533201065. 304 pages.

    Someone is stalking webcam models. He lurks in the untouchable recesses of the black web. He's watching you. Right now. When watching is no longer enough, he comes calling. He's the last thing you'll ever see before the blood gets in your eyes. Chicago Homicide Detective Tom Mankowski (The List, Haunted House) is no stranger to homicidal maniacs. But this one is the worst he's ever chased, with an agenda that will make even the most diehard horror reader turn on all their lights, and switch...

  • Webcam Scam

    Capstone. 2018. ISBN: 1598890115,9781598890112. 33 pages.

    Carl's family is thrilled when they are chosen for a reality TV show.

  • Lunar and Planetary Webcam User's Guide

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2006. ISBN: 9781846281990,1846281997. 230 pages.

    This book de-mystifies the jargon of webcams and computer processing, and provides detailed hints and tips for imaging the Sun, Moon and planets with a webcam. It demonstrates how inexpensive tools are revolutionizing imaging in amateur astronomy. Anyone with a modest telescope and a webcam can now obtain jaw-dropping lunar and planetary images to rival those taken with mid-range astronomical CCD cameras costing thousands of dollars. A glance through the images in this book shows just what...

  • Webcam

    Dog Ear Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 9781457550843,1457550849. 166 pages.

    Welcome to Central Park in New York City, where a tiny creature weaves a spiritual and mystical Web. He is a photographer of sorts and a secret admirer of his surroundings. He’s especially intrigued by human creatures who inhabit the earth but are unaware of their shared dependency. Chosen and anointed by a Higher Power, the creature’s Web captures humans who will discover and embrace their greatest virtue to make a difference on the planet. During a terrorist attack on New York City, the...

  • Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography

    2018. ISBN: 0943396867,9780943396866. 344 pages.

    In the last few years webcam astrophotography has exploed onto the astronomy scene. It has rapidly evolbed from sjprt ex[psire sox=bot b;acl-wjote o, ageru omtp long exposure full-color 16-bit per channel magery of such quality that it rivals "conventional" means of astrophotography. Indeed, webcams have become the mehtod of choice for planetary imaging. The message of this book is that you too can participate in this revolution without spending very much money. You do not need to invest...

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