8-5/8x3-5/8" Dbl. Window Env. For MS Money

Seller: Quill.com Quill.com by DELFORMS DELFORMS

Top window size: 3-3/4x15/16; Top window position: 2-5/16 from bottom and 3/8 from the left.



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    Que Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9780789749482,0789749483. 350 pages.

    Presents step-by-step instructions on the features of Windows 8, covering such topics as working with the desktop, exploring applications, managing files, and connecting with other devices and the Cloud.

  • Windows 8 Hacks

    "O'Reilly Media, Inc.". 2012. ISBN: 9781449355586,1449355587. 422 pages.

    Windows 8 is quite different than previous Microsoft operating systems, but it’s still eminently hackable. With this book, you’ll learn how to make a variety of modifications, from speeding up boot time and disabling the Lock screen to hacking native apps and running Windows 8 on a Mac. And that’s just the beginning. You’ll find more than 100 standalone hacks on performance, multimedia, networking, the cloud, security, email, hardware, and more. Not only will you learn how to use each hack,...

  • Windows 8 Starter Guide (PCWorld Superguides)

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  • Start Here! Build Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

    Pearson Education. 2013. ISBN: 9780735676183,0735676186. 388 pages.

    Ready to learn Windows 8 programming? Start Here! Learn the fundamentals of Windows 8 programming—and begin creating apps for desktops, laptops, tablets, and other devices. If you have previous experience with HTML5 and JavaScript—simply start here! This book introduces must-know concepts and getting-started techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises. Here’s where you start learning Windows 8 app development Build on your knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript...

  • Windows 8 Secrets

    John Wiley & Sons. 2012. ISBN: 9781118228296,1118228294. 552 pages.

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