Samsung Wireless Charger Unboxing for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

An Unboxing video of the Official Samsung Wireless Charger, which is being released in-line with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 Edge on April 10th (UK). Like ...


  • Wireless Power Transfer

    River Publishers. 2018. ISBN: 9788792329233,8792329233. 396 pages.

    Nikola Tesla's dream in the early 20th century of a "World Wireless System" led him to build the Wardenclyffe Tower, a prototype base station serving as an emitter for his "World Wireless System." The base station was to supply wireless electrical energy to a distant receiver. This book builds upon that dream and is a result of intensive research in powerline, machine to machine communications, and wireless power transfer globally. Wireless energy transfer or Witricity (WIreless elecTRICITY)...

  • Wireless Charging Technology and the Future of Electric Transportation

    2018. ISBN: 076808153X,9780768081534. 209 pages.
  • Wireless Charger

    2018. 56 pages.

    Everyone nowadays is users of electrical devices such as, mobile phone, notebook, LCD, and many more. Those electrical devices supplied power by wired transmission from power supply. Wires create mess in a small room and sometimes can cause electrical shock or even house burnt due to the wire cut and short circuit. In order to prevent those things to happen, a wireless power transmission was invented. By transmitting the power through air by using radio frequency can reduce the uses of wire...

  • Wireless-Powered Communication Networks

    ISBN: 9781107135697,1107135699.
  • Wireless Charger of Mobile Phone

    2018. 50 pages.

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