Samsung Wireless Charger Unboxing for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

An Unboxing video of the Official Samsung Wireless Charger, which is being released in-line with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 Edge on April 10th (UK). Like ... USA, LLC Just Wireless Micro USB Mobile Car Charger For Motorola and other phones
Cameras & Camcorders

Just Wireless Micro USB Motorola Mobile Car Charger: Powers phone from your vehicleRed light indicator shows when chargingCompatible with select Motorola models with Micro USB portsKeep your phone fully charged on the goCompatible with Micro USB chargeable Motorola phonesCompatible with other...

$14.96 USA, LLC Wireless Solutions Slim Line Micro USB Car Charger for Blackberry 9800 (Black) - 391436-Z
Cameras & Camcorders

Wireless Solutions Slim Line Micro USB Car Charger for Blackberry 9800 (Black) - 391436-ZAre you worried your battery going dead while you drive? With this Wireless Solutions handy cell phone car charger will keep you connected. Don't get caught in your car without a power source for your mobile...

$7.99 USA, LLC Pyle Dual VHF Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System
Musical Instruments & Karaoke

Built-in chargers for both microphonesXLR and 1/4" mixed outputs with dual volume controlsOperational range up to 90' Audio mute circuitry for quiet operation Multi-function two color display110V/220V selectable powerIncludes rechargeable batteries and 1/4" audio cable

$94.99 USA, LLC Wireless Solutions Dual USB Output Car Charger for 18-Pin LG Phones (Black) - 373059-Z
Cameras & Camcorders

Wireless Solutions Dual USB Output Car Charger for 18-Pin LG Phones (Black) - 373059-ZDual Output Vehicle Power Adapter w/ USB port and glow-through LED light. Compatible with:18-Pin LG Phones

$7.99 USA, LLC Wireless Solutions Travel Charger for Huawei M318 M328
Cameras & Camcorders

Wireless Solutions Travel Charger for Huawei M318 M328This Wireless Solutions Travel Charger for Huawei M318 M328 is a high quality, compact, and lightweight travel that supplies your phone with power and replenish the phone's battery. It can plug into any standard wall outlet and features a...



  • Wireless Charger

    2017. 38 pages.
  • Wireless Charger

    2017. 56 pages.

    Everyone nowadays is users of electrical devices such as, mobile phone, notebook, LCD, and many more. Those electrical devices supplied power by wired transmission from power supply. Wires create mess in a small room and sometimes can cause electrical shock or even house burnt due to the wire cut and short circuit. In order to prevent those things to happen, a wireless power transmission was invented. By transmitting the power through air by using radio frequency can reduce the uses of wire...

  • Wireless-Powered Communication Networks

    ISBN: 9781107135697,1107135699.
  • Wireless Power Transfer, 2nd Edition

    River Publishers. 2015. ISBN: 9788793237629,8793237626. 767 pages.

    Wireless Power Transfer is the second edition of a well received first book, which published in 2012. It represents the state-of-the-art at the time of writing, and addresses a unique subject of great international interest in terms of research. Most of the chapters are contributed by the main author, though as in the first edition several chapters are contributed by other authors. The authors of the various chapters are experts in their own right on the specific topics within wireless energy...

  • Wireless Power: Patent Landscape Analysis

    LexInnova Technologies, LLC.

    Wireless power transmission is the final step in making mobile smartphones truly mobile by substituting the charging cords that restrain these devices at the moment. Introduced by Nikola Tesla towards the end of the 19th century, this technology is envisioned to solve the energy crisis in future by transmitting solar energy harvested in the outer space. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the automobile and aviation industry by allowing wireless charging of vehicles on the go....

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