Zoomer The Interactive Robotic Dog Review

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  • The Zoomer Philosophy Volume 2

    Zoomer Books. ISBN: 9780991733828,0991733827.
  • Zoomer

    Harper Collins. ISBN: 9780062065643,0062065645. 32 pages.

    Hooper and Cooper are ready, but where's Zoomer? Zoomer is waaaaay too busy for school today. Although his dad begs him to get ready, how can Zoomer make time for school with such a full schedule? He has to blow the world's biggest bubble, build a brontosaurus out of sand, launch a rocket ship—and that's just the beginning! Ned Young paints Zoomer's world with fun, detailed illustrations that showcase the silly side of everyday life. Kids and their parents will laugh out loud at the surprise...

  • Imagining Slaves and Robots in Literature, Film, and Popular Culture

    Lexington Books. 2015. ISBN: 9780739191460,0739191462. 110 pages.

    Imagining Slaves and Robots in Literature, Film, and Popular Culture: Reinventing Yesterday's Slave with Tomorrow's Robot is an interdisciplinary study that seeks to investigate and speculate about the relationship between technology and human nature. It is a timely and creative analysis of the ways in which we domesticate technology and the manner in which the history of slavery continues to be utilized in contemporary society. This text interrogates how the domestic slaves of the past are...

  • Smokestack Jack with Boomer and Zoomer

    Gatekeeper Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781619844636,161984463X. 24 pages.

    A children's book, for ages four to eight. It shows the love of human beings for our Maker and for lower animal. A mynah bird becomes a unlikely friend of a cat, and a puppet by the name of Smokestack Jack (S.J.) helps the two, especially an abused kitty cat who is loved both by S. J. and the mynah bird.

  • Zoomer's Summer Snowstorm

    HarperCollins. 2011. ISBN: 0061700924,9780061700927. 32 pages.

    Who's ever heard of a snowstorm in the summer? Zoomer, that's who! It's a hot summer day and Zoomer is all ready to cool off with a snow cone. But when the snow cone–making goes too far, the hot summer day turns icy cold! Luckily Zoomer knows just how to make the best of the situation: He goes on a snow safari, visits the polar empire of Zoomarctica, rides his snow locomotive—and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Once again, Ned Young paints Zoomer's world with fun and rich illustrations...

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